WHY THE F*CK CANT I? (Mental Health awareness charity print)

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'Why the f*ck can't I have fun all the time?' - Kate Moss

£8 will be donated to MIND + SOBS charities from every A4 size print sold

£40 donated to MIND + SOBS charities from every A1 size print sold

Exclusively designed print we are selling to raise funds to donate directly to Mental Health awareness charity MIND and the amazing charity SOBS (Survivors of bereavement of Suicide) in memory of my friend Katie who was a truly beautiful soul. Tragically we lost Katie July 2016 age 28.

Once I decided I was going to raise funds for these charities in this way I thought long and hard on the print design. I wanted to honour Katie's spirit rather than focus on the tragedy of her death. Katie had the most supportive and loving family anyone could ever wish for she was extremely close to them and her many many friends but mental health is so dibilating and powerful if not tackled professionally. She was the life and soul, loved to party and her fashion sense was so on point she was always a head turner wherever she was. Therefore when i remembered this Kate Moss quote it fits her amazing spirit perfectly . 

Hopefully this print is also a firm reminder that mental health can affect any of us at any time and a sufferer isn't always the recluse hiding away, it can be the best most cheerful smiling actor in the room. 

We hope that sales of this print can at very least raise awareness of Mental Health and help to eradicate the old age 'dated' stigma still unfortunately attached to talking openly about our Mental Health and recognising when we need to ask for help.  

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