About ‘H’

Why do you make art?
I have always had a fascination for the iconic object. Something that has the power to evoke an emotion, a memory, a visual time stamp, things that compels us to covet them. I find the coldest, most inanimate object can hold so much representation beyond its purpose.

What does your art signify?
Sometimes a discovery happens while I am painting, I find myself compelled to a subject matter, and the conversation between the paint, canvas and myself reveals it’s true representation. I become aware of the intention of the subject matter, realising it’s true identity like I am the conduit for my subconscious.
What is unique about your methods?
I draw from many techniques that I have learnt through a kaleidoscope of commercial art projects & find that there is no one process for my work. Once I have an idea, the medium is secondary, I just set to work with what suits the end result I’m after. Oils, acrylic, eco-solvent based mediums, even computer generated forms to work up an idea.

What inspires you to make art?
I have realised that these objects seem to find me rather than I go looking for them. They present themselves at the right time, whether it be a personal emotion that I or someone close to me is feeling or projecting, or something wider affecting everyone.